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CADartet Vray and Mental Ray Pool Water Materials v2 for 3DS Max

This is the 2nd version of CADartet Pool Water Materials for Vray and Mental Ray, now with 26 pool water material shaders.
- 10 clear pool water shaders
- 14 algae and muddy pool water shaders
- 2 surface algae pool water shaders (experimental)
Compatible with 3DS Max 2009 and newer and Vray 2.4 and newer.

cadartet artet vray 3dsmax pool water material shader

cadartet artet mentalray 3dsmax pool water material shader

Important note for Mental ray users - "color at max distance problem":

   Not sure if it is a bug, it happens closer to the water surface edge, under shadows, the color transition with depth is very rough, making a noticeable line. Only happens using Final Gather, and no matter if the water surface is a plane or a solid. Increasing Final Gather settings doesn't fix the problem and increases render times. Interpolation doesn't fix it either. This happens with any transparent arch and design material using "color at max distance", even with pre-made transparent template arch and design materials.

   The only fix for this problem is making sure "force 2 sided" in render settings "common params" is turned OFF, and turning ON "back facing culling" inside the arch and design material settings (advanced rendering options). Check image below.

mental ray color at max distance fix

You can download them for free here:
CADartet Pool Water v2 Material Shaders for VRay Download
CADartet Pool Water v2 Material Shaders for Mental Ray Download

Licença Creative Commons
CADartet Poolwater Mental Ray Materials v2 by CADartet Design Labs is licensed under a Creative Commons Atribuição 4.0 Internacional License.
-=CADartet Design Labs=-

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Unknown disse...

Hello Favio !
Muito obrigado for sharing that stuff!
There seem to be a problem with the mental ray file...I coul'd not open it...
The Vray file is perfect!

Fabio M. Costa disse...

The download link has been updated. Hope it works now.
Thanks for letting me know.

CGIFurniture disse...
Nice post!